Selling your house? Easy ways to add value!

hip (3)When selling your home you want to get as much for it as you can.

Remember easy tips like adding flowers and putting the coffee on really do make a difference.

But what about outside? There are effective ways on how to add value to your home, start with your outdoor area. This will give you a chance to sell your home easily and for as much as possible.

Not selling your home? Use these tips anyway and it will not only add value to your outdoor area, but will make sure your life is comfortable when you are at home.

Quality life for you

We are spending more and more of our lives working so when you are at home you want somewhere nice to relax.

Ways on how to add value to your outdoor area

  • Landscape
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Patio
  • Colour

Add appealing landscape

A relaxing outdoor space should have a beautiful landscaping. Consult a landscape architect to design a landscape that mirrors your home design and turns your home into one great perfect package. Or if you are more the DIY type check out some of the clever ideas from the lifestyle programs and adapt them to your place. Putting up a lattice fence to hide the bins will be cheap in cost, but make a huge difference to your outdoor vista.

Choose low maintenance plants

Low water, low maintenance plants is perfect for creating that fresh look which will look good no matter what the weather conditions.  Nothing worse than droppy plants because the sun has just hit them. Looking beautiful, but doesn’t need constant maintenance. Use succulents, foliage plants, Mediterranean plants like lavender, rosemary and olives. For a quick short lived splash of colour use potted colour this spring.

To add to your plants use features like use hard landscaping techniques like adding pebbles, artwork or water feature. Water features even a small table top one can create that lovely serene feeling.

Install an outdoor kitchen

Want to cook and entertain outdoors while relaxing? Install outdoor kitchen! From a simple BBQ to a full kitchen. Outdoor cooking is perfect for our weather. They look great and add a touch of class to your entertaining area.

Install a patio

Got a hot back area that no one can use? Install a patio and keep the sun away from your house. With a patio, you are adding more living space, an area that is perfect for entertain, relaxing or just hanging out with the family. Added bonus of patios is they keep your home cooler too. You can stay under your patio while enjoying the view outside, sipping your cuppa or a cold drink with a few friends.

Add a splash of colour

Adding colour, whether using potted plants, painting a wall or fence or some artwork; colour will bring a happy feeling to your home. Create your own view. Light colours can make the dark area brighter and appear bigger. Mirrors are great for channeling in the light too.

This spring, these are the easy ways to add value to your outdoor area and enjoy the warm weather outside.

Don’t over capitalize.

Use these tips to add value to your home, but remember to do your sums first as you need to be able to recoup the money you put in when you sell your home.

Now your home looks so great, do you really want to sell?

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