Do you sell gable patios in Bunbury?

gable (2)Want more extend your living area at home or a sheltered backyard?

Why not install a gable patio?  Patios are great they not only extend your living space outside your home but stylish and look great too.

Having a party? Want to enjoy the late afternoon sun before the weather turns?  Your patio is the perfect place to entertain your guests or take a well earned break. Get a cuppa, sit on your patio and relax while enjoy.

Gable patios

Did you know, there are many types of patios available? One of the most common types of patio is gable patios. What is a gable patio?

Gable patios or sometimes known as peaked roof, it is a form a peak at the apex of an inverted V. Gable roofs are perfect in our climate because they are:

  • Cooler – reduces the heat trapped in your entertaining area
  • Pleasing to the eyes
  • Offer more space

A gable patio can fit effortlessly into your home and can make your outdoor life more enjoyable, protect you from the elements and create extra space for you to use.

Where to look for patio builder?

Whether you are in Bunbury, Busselton or the surrounding area, choose CPR Outdoor Centre. We are your patio people and we offer full patio installation of any design – it can be a gable patio, done, flat roof, hip or a combination, whatever best suits your requirements.

CPR Outdoor Centre offers a full installation service; you don’t have to lift a finger we do everything from design, council permits, supplying your patio to installation and concrete flooring with options of pa doors and windows if you would like these feature.

Or we also offer DIY kits, complete kits. Everything is pre cut and ready for installation. You follow the instructions closely and you’ll be able to erect your own DIY gable patio, perfect for DIY people. Remember you will need a council permit and follow their guidelines as some shires have strict building codes and can even regulate the colour of your patios.

Do you sell gable patios in Bunbury?

Yes. CPR Outdoor Centre has two locations one in Bunbury and a second one in Busselton, we also servicing in the places nearby. We can help you achieve the right patio for your home. We don’t just listen to your need, we understand. For your gable patio installation, ring us now on   and we will give you free quotes so you’ll have idea about the cost of your building project. CPR Outdoor Centre, your patio built your way; we are your patio people!