How Do I Revamp My Patio On A Budget?

Morris - Raised Gable furnishedSpring is coming and as we approach the entertaining season, it’s time to clean up the outside of the house as well as inside. Your patio may be looking a little dusty and unloved after 6 months of wintery weather, but revamping your outdoor space doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be done in a weekend.

The easiest ways to freshen up your patio for spring whilst saving money for the fun stuff in Summer include:

  • Simple Décor
  • Coordinate what you have
  • Op Shop, Online Bids and Garage Sales

Simple Décor

Flat patioLike the popular beach theme? Or the more traditional look of lots of plants, both potted and planted? Do you feel more comfortable entertaining around a more Eastern décor? Or do you like the energy that flows with a more ‘outdoor room’ idea? Keep it simple, look online for inspiration and emphasize the basics. Over the top décor can make an area look cluttered and uncomfortable, as well costing money to purchase and maintain a lot of accessories/furniture.

Coordinate What You Have

Can’t afford to spend on new accessories or furniture? Then use what you have. Pick out signature pieces that work with the theme you are going for and put them in pride of place. Not everything needs to match but you need to have some idea of the look you are trying to achieve.

Op shops, Online Bids and Garage Sales

Patio - Gable Roof by CPR OutdoorJust like the front yard jumble sales of the old days, when it comes to picking up a garden bargain, you can’t go wrong with second hand. Garden and patio ornaments, plant off cuts and grafts and pre-loved patio furniture can be found for bargain prices at garage sales and online. Hunt around, have a bit of a haggle but just keep in mind the décor and space you are buying for. A piece might be a steal but may not ‘fit’, both physically or aesthetically, in your space.

So I can revamp my patio on a budget?

Yes – with just a few tricks, you can freshen up your patio without spending a fortune.

Need a patio or an extension / redesign to your current patio?

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