Prevent Mossies in your backyard this summer!

gable (31)During winter, you tend to ignore your back yard because you spend most of your time indoors. Now the weather is warming up, it is time to go back outside. Early evenings are warm and inviting until you hear buzz buzz or feel that tell tail sting of being bitten. Reclaim your backyard or patio and make it the perfect place to enjoy spring and the party season.

What to do to help prevent Mossies in your backyard this summer:

  • Protect your backyard
  • Drive away mosquitoes
  • Remove still water
  • Cover up

Protect your backyard

Mosquitoes love to lurk in your backyard, especially during spring and summer. Mosquitoes are annoying and worse still they can transmit a range of deadly diseases to you and  your pets. In order to protect your backyard from mosquitoes, you have to limit their breeding area and not create and ideal habitat.

Drive away mosquitoes!

You can drive mosquitoes away and prevent them breeding if you remove still water around your backyard.

Why remove still water?

Mosquitoes need water to breed, they can sleep anywhere but they must have water to breed. Still waters are just the perfect breeding area for them. Those pools of water you see after the rain or when you have been watering. They have to be removed immediately. Do not let it stand for a day or a week; mosquitoes will have their perfect breeding place!

Still water hides in other places you might not have thought of, such as:

  • Water holding containers, pet water containers
  • Pot plant saucers
  • Drains
  • Blocked gutter
  • Unused swimming pool
  • Still ponds and water features

Do not let the watersit undisturbed for days, you are depriving mosquitoes a breeding place if you don’t allow water to sit around.

Removing still water is your best defense against mosquitoes and one of the best.

Cover up

Wear long selves and long pants when in your backyard at dusk, if the mossies can’t get to your skin, they can’t bite you. Mossie coils and citronella candles are another form of prevention.

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