Patio Designs to Fit Your Outdoor Living Area

gable (12)Patios provide functional beautiful shade during summer, autumn and an effective protection from rain and wind in winter seasons. Having a covered patio in the backyard is definitely wonderful and can extend your living area. You will be able to spend quality time with your family in one of the best places of your home.

If you planned to have a patio, you can start looking at the best design that fits your backyard style.

Here are some options for your roof shape:


A gable roofed patio design can be attached to your home or free standing in your backyard. Gable roofed patios normally follow the pitch of your home’s roof around 20 degrees and they size can vary to suit your outdoor area, car, boat, bbq cover; whatever your need is.


Dome roofed patio design offers flexibility. They can be shaped according to your personal taste or requirement. Dome shaped patio can be designed from a low and gradual curve to a more spectacular high profile curve to cover a large boat, caravan or to fit into your roofline.


Flat patio are simplest in style and is inclined approximately 3 degrees from your house. Like gable, it can be attached to your house’ structure or set as a standing alone on your block. A flat roof can also be pitched quite high for a more dramatic effect or to fit your space.

Hip End

Hip End Patio or Hip End Gable roofs are a variation of the Gable Patio. This style can be a very effective additional asset to your home.

Patio Designs

Patios come in all shapes, sizes and style, CPR Outdoor Centre can design a patio to suit your need, budget and requirement.

CPR Outdoor Centre – your patio people

The overall design of your patio can add value to your home. At CPR Outdoor Centre we use BlueScope steel that ensure best quality in your new patio. You can also choose from an extensive selection of colour from our Colorbond range of powder coats to suit your taste. We give quality customer service and promise to guide you all throughout the whole building process. All the frame work on your new patio will be welded to the maximum standards to ensure strength, durability and your peace of mind.

If you are looking for a patio or carport, see the specialist in Busselton, Bunbury and surrounds CPR Outdoor Centre.