Patio Blinds / Cafe Blinds

Patio Blinds are a wonderful asset to your patio providing shade and weather protection to your patio area. Patio blinds which are also called café blinds, can turn your exposed patio into a beautiful outdoor room that you can use all year round.

CPR Outdoor Centre offer 2 types of Western Australian Made Patio Blinds to suit your needs:

HD Channel Blinds Lawn 1

HD Channel Blinds Near Pool3

Why Choose Heavy Duty – HD Channel Blinds

Looking for the perfect patio shade option for your needs, HD Channel blinds offer:

  • Easy to Operate – Your choice of a manual crank or motorised remote system
  • Adjustable Height – A unique aluminium track guide system allows blinds to slide up or slide down with ease and stop at any height
  • Pin Locking System – Allows you to lock the blind position in place with fabric tension

HD Channel Blinds holds the fabric of the blind within the channel, which eliminates gaps and reduces the potential for fabric blowing out in windy conditions. Call CPR Outdoor Centre for a free measure and quote on your HD Channel Blinds needs.

Crank & Clip
Crank & Clip by the Pool

Crank and Clip Blinds

Looking for a blind open at the sides, top or bottom? Allow fresh air to flow through your outdoor area with a crank and clip blind. Its dual purpose as a Roof to Fence blind makes it is a popular choice for homeowners.

Crank and Clip Blinds are a straight drop fabric blind that consists of a top roller tube that can be wound up and down with a removable crank handle that clips onto one end. The control mechanism on a Crank and Clip Blind can be manual or motorised for additional ease and style.

Why Crank and Clip Blinds

Crank and Clip Blinds are very versatile and the prefect addition to your patio, verandah, alfresco or outdoor living area. Crank and Clip Blinds offer:
Easy to Operate – Manual crank system with detachable handle or motorised option available

  • Multi-Purpose – Several can be placed next to each other or can be fixed to a roof and extended to a fence or wall providing protection and privacy
  • Easy to Install – Mounted by sizeable brackets and easy to use swivel clips on either size of the blind.
  • Fabric Options – Wide range of high-quality fabric options to suit your needs.
  • Expandable Capability – The large span of up to 5.8 metres makes these blinds versatile no matter their purpose
  • Australian Made – Crank and Clip Blinds are 100% Western Australian made guaranteeing maximum value for money
  • Warranty – Comes with a 5-year warranty as a standard

Call CPR Outdoor Centre on 9726 2311 or 9754 2657 for a free onsite measure and quote on your outdoor patio blind needs.
You can also visit our DISPLAY at 67 Halifax Drive Bunbury.

Our team of professionals at CPR Outdoor Centre are your local patio blind /cafe blind experts.

Crank & Clip
Crank & Clip