Need more room – Use your garage space wisely

 Garage Storage Ideas. Photo courtesy of
Running out of space, need some more storage area? Ever wonder if you can use your garage for other things apart from storing your car? Whether you have a large or small garage, use your garage space wisely and gain extra storage.

Making the most of your garage

Make the most of your garage space  by following some of these tips.

Here are some storage solutions that may work for your garage:

  • Overhead storage
  • Slat boards
  • Rolling storage carts
  • Customizable work area

Overhead storage

Do you have large, bulky items that need to be stored? If you don’t use these items too often, it’s time you put them inside your garage – in an overhead storage. This solution works best for garages that don’t have operational doors because the rack may interfere with the door function. Or use the back and side areas of the garage keeping it well away from the front and your area.

Slat boards

Little space? Don’t worry! No matter how little your space is, you can always make room for slat boards. These are long, flat boards with hooks which allows you to hang items. They are also very thin you can actually hang them on just about every wall in your garage. You instantly have a space for storing items without giving up your floor space, great for rakes, broom, hoses, garden tools. Have you every thought of hanging up your bikes, saves space and ready for your use every time now need to dig it out from under a hundred things.

Rolling storage carts

Don’t want little things to be confined in one area? Use a rolling storage cart. You can put your things in there. Lock your cart against a wall and roll them to your work table whenever you need them. Perfect to hold your tools and ready to use when you need them.

Customizable work area

If you organize your space, you can make the most use of your garage and even create a new work space. Perfect for using as hobby area! Sound’s interesting, isn’t it?

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