Why Do I Need a Custom Designed Patio Roof?

When it comes to custom designing your own patio roof, there really is no shortage of possibilities. Your home is unique to you and your patio roof should reflect your home design and the nature of your patio function.

Not sure if you need a custom designed patio roof? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your patio need extra light?
  • Is your block an odd shape?
  • Is your patio a unique design? Extra long, wide or has multiple windows and entries?
  • Is this patio free standing or attached to your house?
  • Would you like your patio to wrap-around the house?
  • Do you like the look of a gabled roof? Or is flat and straight more your style?
  • What climate do you live in? Is air flow a factor in the hotter months?
  • What about drainage? Do you have a lot of trees that drop leaves and cause gutter blockages?
  • What purpose does it serve? A carport? An entertaining area? A pool area?
  • What materials suit your needs?
  • Are you looking for something ‘out there’? Totally individual?

If your answers seem a little ‘outside the square’, then chances are you need a custom designed patio roof.

Triple dome patio by CPRWhy Do I Need a Custom Designed Patio Roof?

The biggest reason people choose to have a custom designed patio roof is so they get what they really want in their patio, something that really suits their needs.

CPR Outdoor can work with you to custom design your patio roof to meet not only structural requirements but your own individual vision as well. Whether it be a wave gable (2/3 gable patios joined together), a split dome, a saw tooth gable or even 2-3 dome patios together, the choices are endless. You are really only limited by your own imagination.

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