How much does a double carport cost?

Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorDo you need a carport?

If you answered yes, perhaps you are thinking about the size of your carport. Is a single carport enough or a double carport will suit you better?

Whatever your needs are, one thing is certain: installing a carport is a good idea. They are a good cost effective alternative to installing a garage.

How much does a carport cost?

Let’s take a look at the cost of a single carport first.

Strictly speaking, carports can cost very little if you install them yourself and you will use the cheapest materials available. But, you need to look at some situation. When you want to sell your home in the near future, your carport with cheap materials might deteriorate and can be an eyesore. As a result, you might find it hard to sell your house. Also remember you need council approval, is it worth the risk and the head ache?


Carports are a visible part of your landscape and your home. They can either enhance or detract the appearance of your whole property. As such, make sure that they are built with good design and are durable. Not so sure with your budget? You can still go for a viable DIY carport kit, as long as you are handy with tools and you are confident with your installation skills.

What about a double carport? How much do they cost?

A double carport can be an even better investment than a single carport if you have the room. Why? With their larger space, they can store more vehicles, have more covered area for parties or to get the children outside when it’s wet.

The great thing about double carports is that they don’t cost that much. While they are twice the size of the single carport, they don’t require twice as many materials; hence you can save some of your money.

Fully installed

Fully installed really is the way to go if you aren’t handy or have the time to deal with the council  and have all your weekends filled up building for months. With a full installation, everything is done for you and you can even invite your mates over for a BBQ without having to worry if your new carport will be finished in time.

For your carport needs – whether single or double, DIY or installed, contact CPR Outdoor Centre and get your free quote today.