How much does it cost to build a patio?

Patio - Slight CurveDoes the sun limit your enjoyment of your outdoor area? Is your outdoor area to hot to use on a sunny day? When it rains you don’t even bother trying to plan an outdoor activity for your family or you will all end up inside the house. You need a patio!

A patio custom made to suit your needs

A patio can be as basic as the roof over your outdoor area protects you from sun, rain and other harsh weather elements. Or you can have a custom build patio room whatever your needs and budget are. Patios are ideal for people everyone, especially if you want spend more time outdoor or simply enjoy the outdoors with comfort (flyscreen can also be fitted).

Flat with Boundary PostsHow much does it cost to build a patio?

The cost of a patio depends entirely on the design, size and location of your patio. Patio come in a fully install, do nothing type right through to easy-to-assemble DIY kits.

A Gable Patio for example, is a style of patio where the roof has two pitched sides joined in the middle. This covered patio design costs are higher than a flat roofed patio but are more stylish and versatile. There is a huge difference in the amount of materials that is required for the gable design, from the truss needed for the roof to the amount of sheeting used. Flat roofed patio are simple and don’t need much truss support but is limited to the height of your house’s roof. Multi gables, hip ends and dome patio have more complexity of the design and create a superior look and add class to your home .

Size matters

Size is also a factor when it comes to price, the amount of materials required will differ greatly depending on the size. Gable and dome patios are usually larger than a flat roof. Gable Patios come in many different styles with Hip-end as a nice variation.

Dee's patio - Gable decking shedCost of installation

The cost of installation of your new patio will also be a factor, depending on the style,  size and earth works that are needs. The more complex the style, the longer it would take your patio to be build which means more labour cost. Same goes with the size.

How much does it cost to build a patio?

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