Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Shed, Garage, Patio or Carport

CPR PatioMaking the decision to design, purchase and install a shed, garage, patio or carport is easy, especially when you have the extensive range and competitive prices available at CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton. Our superior Bluescope Steel and COLORBOND® products provide peace of mind and value for money and our professional tradesmen and sales team will ensure you choose the right outdoor structure for your needs. There are some common mistakes however that can hinder the process and leave you unsatisfied.

  • Choosing From A Catalogue
  • Choosing Cheaper
  • Not Checking Council Laws First
  • Consider The Future
  • Size Matters

Choosing From A Catalogue

ShedMany customers don’t know that they can custom-design their shed, carport, garage or patio to their own specific requirements and personal taste. This can result in people being unsatisfied with certain aspects of their structure for the long term.

Choosing Cheaper

It can be tempting to cut corners in the cost department when it comes to purchasing a shed, carport, patio or garage, but you really need to consider this structure as an extension of your home. As such, it needs to be of superior quality and manufacture standards.

Cheaper options can be sourced online and in DIY packs, however these products rarely meet Australian standards and are made from inferior quality materials. CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton offer both installation and DIY services, backed with after sales assistance and product guarantees.

Not Checking Council Laws First

All construction on your residential or industrial property requires council approval and permission. Many customers source second hand structures or internet DIY packs and do not obtain permission or check council regulations first, resulting in the structure being deemed uncompliant and will need to be taken down. This can be stressful and highly expensive.

To avoid this, CPR Outdoor Centre is able to organise all permits, do checks and gain approvals on your behalf.

Inside patioConsider The Future

Think about what you need and want from your outdoor structure in the future. You may only have two cars now for your carport, but your children will need space for their’s one day. You may decide to convert a garage to a living space or house a boat or caravan in the shed.

Cheaper sheds are fixed and cannot be extended when or if these changes occur. Before deciding on a shed, patio, garage or carport design, consider what you need it for and try and think about your immediate and future needs. Discuss this with your builder when getting quotes and remember size may be governed by your local shire building or planning laws.

Size Matters

Make sure you measure everything you wish to keep in your outdoor structure. You don’t want to be climbing out your car windows because the garage is not wide enough, or not have enough room for your garden equipment, tools, work space and storage in your new shed. Measure and then measure again to ensure you have enough space for your family’s needs.

Shed outsideWho Can Assist Me With A Shed, Carport, Garage or Patio Purchase?

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton are your local experts in all areas of patio, garage, shed and carport construction. They will ensure none of these mistakes are made and are available for all enquiries from start to finish of your job. From design, manufacture, supply and installation, CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton will ensure you have a shed, carport, patio or carport to be proud of. Phone CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 0499 800 558 or Busselton on 9754 2657 today.