What makes a free standing patio a great idea?

free standing patioA great way to enjoy the outdoors is to add a patio. It is the perfect addition to your home where you can relax and unwind in the comfortable of your home. The idea of a patio is to have a livable space as your home extension. However, there are instances where homeowners prefer to build a free standing patio.

Free standing patios

These are types of patios that are not actually connected to your home. So, is it less convenient and comfortable? No – free standing patios work just like the attached patios. They offer both comfort and the extra space that you need. They are the perfect patio options if you don’t have much space beside your home. Why build a small, uncomfortable patio in a tiny space when you can build it elsewhere?

Surprisingly, there are several reasons why a free standing patio can be great for your home. Here are the lists:

  • Can be modified easily
  • Easier to expand
  • Variety of designs and styles
  • Ease access to other features in your yard like you swimming pool or to make an outdoor kitchen

Dome_patioCan be modified easily

If you want to make some changes or add something, you can always do it easily. Unlike an attached patio where you need to consider your home first, a free standing patio can be modified as you wish and it will still look fabulous. Any changes made will not affect your home’s aesthetic appeal since it’s not attached.

Variety of designs and styles

A patio attached to your home should complement your home design as well as the vacant space. So, if you want a larger patio but your remaining space is limited, you’ll have to make the most of what space you have. On the other hand, a free standing patio can be custom designed according to your taste. It can be a combination of 1 or 2 different styles and yet, you don’t have to worry about its impact on your home at all.

Perfect to extend your pool area or make an outdoor kitchen

gable Are you looking for a gazebo style patio to extend your pool area or an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. You can have a freestanding patio built anywhere it is not restricted to the layout of your home. Be sure to check your council regulations some shires restrict how close you can build to your fence and some estates have specific building envelopes that you must not build outside of. Need help call CPR Outdoor Centre and we can help you with the regulations regarding your area.

What makes a freestanding patio a great idea?

Whether you want a free standing or a patio attached to your home, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We can build a patio to suit your needs and budget as well. Ring us today to discuss your needs with us and we can arrange a free onsite inspection too.