How to make the perfect cosy outdoor patio this winter!

SunnyPatioOutdoor living is part of the Aussie lifestyle. We always want to be cooking outside rather than standing behind an oven inside our home. Did you ever notice how everyone gathered around your patio on the weekend? Simple, we just love the outdoors!

Even in winter you can enjoy your outdoor patio, you just need to make sure it’s comfortable and cosy.

How to make your perfect cosy outdoor patio?

Patios are great places, whether to enjoy a BBQ with friends, a quiet cup of tea, shoe the children outside or just enjoying the view. If you make your patio cosy, then no one will need to stay inside, even in winter. When it’s cold, it’s tempting to rug up indoors, but just because the temperature dropped doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors.

Here’s what you need to know about how to make the perfect cosy outdoor patio this winter.

Let in the light

Make the most of your sun, especially during winter. Maximising the sunlight entering your patio can ensure that your outdoor space stays warm as possible – perfect if you want to sit and relax on a Saturday morning.

Remember, things that will stop the light entering are

  • Blinds,
  • Plants, trees
  • Fences

Shade is great for the summer, but now in the winter we need the warmth. Roll your blinds up in the day time and then drop them again after the sun has moved over to keep the warmth in. Trimming your trees back will help them put on new growth in spring and add shade in summer.

Fences we can’t move, but think about bouncing the light into your patio as well positioned mirrors and if your fence is a dark colour consider painting it and making it lighter.

Use blinds to keep the cold away

Installing blinds are an excellent way to trap the heat and ward off the winter blues. There are different blinds that you can choose. Patio blinds are great all year round, keeping the warmth in in the winter and the sun out in summer.

Rug up!

You can turn your outdoor space into an outdoor room. Use colourful pillows, rugs and cushions to create a spot to cuddle against the chill. Choose warmer colours such as deep red, purple, gold and orange. Remember the floor too. Add a cosy rug over your pavers will be a great place to play or put your feet will keep you warm too.

Use these simple tips and you will enjoy your cosy patio.

These tips and a good company can transform your patio into a warm, cosy place even during winter, such an inviting place to relax and entertain!

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