How to make the most of your patio in Winter?

fire_pit1Sitting in your patio can be a relaxing moment for you. You get to enjoy the outdoors while sitting comfortably in a covered living space. However, when the weather turns cold, most of us will abandon our beautiful patios and retreat inside. You can avoid this by winterising your patio.

Winterising your patio can do wonders

It’s wintertime! Don’t let the winter stop you from enjoying your patio. Your patio should be used all year round and yes, even if it’s winter! You can do make your patio a wonderfully cosy and warm place for your winter enjoyment, especially great is you are having a few people over.

How to make the most of your patio in Winter?

  • Turn up the heat in your patio
  • Use outdoor blinds
  • Add colour

Turn up the heat in your patio

Why do you shy away from your patio during the winter? Mostly, we don’t like staying outside because of the cold. Patio heaters are a fun and affordable way to address the problem of patio heating. Just by turning up the heat in your patio you will find a new joy and excitement for outdoor entertaining. There are a few different outdoor heating options for you to consider depending on requirements

  • Electric patio heaters
  • Gas patio heaters
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Portable fire pits

All of these are excellent choices for achieving a cosy outdoor feel. They can also create a beautiful contemporary look.

Use outdoor blinds

You can shelter your patio by installing outdoor blinds. A warm patio isn’t enough – you need to shelter your patio with something that can protect you from rain or wind. Patio blinds can function as a “temporary wall” when they are down. Patio blinds are great as you can operate them on your own and create a really lovely warm space.

Add colour to your patio

Wintertime is dull and dreary, one of the main reasons why you want to escape inside. You can combat this by adding colour to create a bright and cheery atmosphere. You can do this by adding up cushions with different colours for your patio furniture, seasonal bright foliage plants and pots plants.

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