Make your patio look expensive without spending much!

Gable Patio truss off centre (Bell) 2Do you want to redecorate your patio? What about having that posh, stylish look? Is there something you can do to make your patio look expensive without actually spending a lot?

Yes,  you can – with the right design and style; you can make your patio look luxurious! Give your patio a luxe update with these budget-friendly tips:

  • Pick a décor style
  • Coordinate furniture
  • Create a distinct space
  • Make a grand entrance
  • Incorporate comfort

Pick a décor style

Choose a style and stick to it. While it is not a bad idea to mix and match, having too many competing styles can be confusing. Pick a style and focus on it – choose décor and colour scheme that goes well with your style. Having a synchronised design can be relaxing and will look expensive too.

Gable Edwards Finished 2Coordinate furniture

A coordinated look goes a long way – it can create an elegant look for your patio. Your patio will look posh and classy in an instant. Not everything needs to be made from the same materials, but the pieces should all work together to create a coordinated look.

Create a distinct space

Did you notice what is common with luxurious patios? They have distinct spaces for every activity – this is where we eat, this is where we play and this is where we lounge with our drinks. You can create this luxury feel by grouping your furniture so that each of the groups can create a clear purpose.

Make a grand entrance

Your patio entrance should look lavish too! It is the door to your patio and the first thing that your guests will notice. First impressions are everything! Consider adding plants or changing your door knob or kick plate – it can make a huge difference to your patio entrance.

side elevation 2Incorporate comfort

An opulent patio doesn’t just look comfortable – it should also feel like you are having the best day of your life. Consider the indoor items you use the most and integrate them into your outdoor space. It can be as simple as putting a large TV or install a bar where you can enjoy a favourite drink or two!

Make your patio look expensive without spending too much!

Yes – with just a few tricks, you can make your patio look expensive without spending a lot! Don’t have a patio yet? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio need. We offer installation and repair services on patios, carports and garages. Ring us today 08 9726 2311 for our Bunbury office or 08 9754 2657 for Busselton and get a free quote.