Maintaining Your Shed This Winter

CPR shedSheds are great for storage and extra space, but aren’t much good to you if they are leaking when the winter weather hits. Water leaking into the shed will not only damage your stored items, it can breed bacteria and cause safety hazards if left pooling on the floor for long periods. Ensuring your shed is water proof is essential to prolong the life of your structure as well as the items inside.

CPR Outdoor Centre are your local professionals in shed, carport, garage and patio construction in Bunbury and Busselton, with a large range of high quality Bluescope Steel framed products to choose from to store your household items, vehicles and to create extra space outside of your home. Not only do they specialise in installing premium sheds, they can also assist you in maintaining your outdoor structure.

Some areas to double check where the water may be getting into your shed include:

  • The Roof
  • The Floor
  • Windows and Doors

The Roof

RoofThe most obvious place for a leak, the smallest cracks or gaps in your roof surface can result in a torrential downpour inside the shed. Check around your whirly birds and ventilation grates as well, as these can shift in high winds and leave gaps for the water to get in.

The Floor

Water can leak in under walls that have not been properly sealed or that have been moved by heavy rain and winds. If you can see water coming into your shed under the walls, you need to contact a professional to get them re-sealed and repaired.

Windows and Doors

ShedAside from leaving the window or door open, these fixtures should not be letting the rain water into your shed. Water leaking in from window frames, loose glass or doors that do not close properly will not only cause safety issues, it wears away at the frames of the windows and doors themselves and cam cause rust and corrosion.

Need To Have Your Shed Checked? Or Don’t Have One Yet?

Speak to the experts at CPR Outdoor Centre. Their qualified team can advise you on any maintenance issues or assist you with the design and installation of your new shed. Call 9726 2311 (Bunbury) or 9754 2657 (Busselton) today for your free quote.