How long is your patio builder on the hook?

questionInstalling a patio is a great addition to your home but can be a complex investment on your part. Ideally, everything goes as planned and when the patio is erect, you can enjoy your outdoor space and never think about the building process again. However, what happens when your patio shows cracks or forms of damage after just six months? Or when the damage starts to show after three years? Well, it’s time you took advantage on the most important part of the contract – the warranty.

What is a warranty?

The purpose of the warranty is to give protection to both the homeowner and the builder. For homeowners, they want to be guaranteed that the project is completed properly and for the builder,that they can be free from the responsibility of the project for the rest of their lives. A warranty may be included in your contract. Discuss the warranty with your contractor first as this is an agreement between both parties.

How long should the warranty last?

Different patio builders and contractors offer differing warranties. While some offer a 1 year warranty, others may offer longer warranty for their patios. As a homeowner, you should not focus on the number of years but rather, the coverage that you have under the law. In most cases, patio builders and contractors have certain rules and restrictions on their warranties – so, make sure you discuss it with them carefully to ensure you are covered.

Custom flat with columnsPatio warranties

In some cases, contractors are given the right to repair which means, under their warranty, they should be notified about the damage first and then given a chance to see the problem and repair it before you file any complaint or lawsuit.

How long is your patio builder on the hook?

Having a warranty on your patio is important. Here at CPR Outdoor Centre, we understand your concerns, that’s why we offer 5 year warranties for our patios, including our garages and carports. Should you need to install a patio for your home today, contact our team of experts on 9726 2311 for Bunbury and 9754 2657 for Busselton. Ring us today and let’s discuss your warranty options.