How to light your patio properly!

patio lampsMost of us are working hard and putting up long hours on the job, we often don’t return to our home until after dark. Lighting your patio properly can make a huge difference to be able to use your space all year round. Patio lighting can provide warmth, it’s inviting and gives off that welcoming effect that wants us to enjoy the great outdoors after a long day at work. The right lighting can create the perfect mood and add intrigue to any setting – including your patio.

Patio lighting

This is probably one of the most important aspects of creating the perfect outdoor space, yet it is often the most overlooked and underdone. The proper use of lighting offers several benefits such as:

  • Highlighting focal points
  • Enhances safety and security
  • Creates a festive atmosphere for outdoor entertaining
  • Making a more useable space

patioSo, how do you light your patio? Think about the lighting of your favourite Italian restaurant. It is very romantic – isn’t it? It sets the scene. The idea of lighting is the same with your patio. You have to encourage family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. How do you this? Use subtle down lighting.

  • You can consider attaching lights to the trees nearby and aiming them downward to get a moonlit effect.
  • You can also install the lights by adding a fixture to a wall at the edge of the patio. This will help illuminate the surface of the patio. Sometimes, the fixture sare hidden underneath the wall cap, so the source of light is not seen at all.
  • Consider the use of your patio and the lighting appropriately. Bright or subdued, themed or every day and maybe even 2 sets of lights to cover multiple options.

How to light your patio properly–Patio lighting

patio lightsLighting your patio doesn’t have to be hard – as long as you keep in mind the original purpose of your patio. It is a place where you want to relax all day – or in this case, all night. Just remember to bring a blanket with you!

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