My Lifestyle Has Changed, How Do I Change the Patio To Suit?

Well designed patio by CPR

When it comes to garden décor, patios never really go out of style. Functional entertaining areas, decked out outdoor rooms, somewhere for the kids and pets to play or even just to set up a hammock out of the sun, a patio’s versatility is never ending. The way you use your patio is a reflection on your family’s lifestyle and these trends change as time goes on. Young families, singles, growing children and older adults all have different needs when it comes to outdoor living and the patio is the perfect palate to change things up to suit without costing a fortune.

The easiest ways to change your patio to suit your changing lifestyles are:

  • Space For Stuff
  • Paint
  • Plants
  • Furniture
  • Safety Features

Space For Stuff

Gable patio from inside

Everyone, at every age, has their toys. Kids have their assortment of backyard playthings; bikes, balls, skateboards and other items usually left about for adults to trip over. Singles have their bigger toys, like ping pong tables and more expensive motorbikes and water toys. Teenagers generally just leave a lot outside and older adults need more space for mobility. Change up you layout and ensure you have space for the things that matter most to you in your current life stage.


Colour preference changes as you get older. Bright and sunny might be flavour of the month when you are a young family; however you might like to tone this down when the kids leave home. Paint is an inexpensive way to refresh the décor outside and tailor the space to your family’s tastes.



Ask any parent and they will give you a story about the time their toddler ate potting mix from a patio pot plant. Or a plant itself! Pet owners know that puppies will chew everything, including tasty looking leaves and flowers. If you have small children or pets, consideration needs to be taken when choosing the plants you have on and around your patio. Heavy pots and hanging baskets are not ideal for older adults as they can prove hard to move if required, however many pots can be popped onto casters for easy movement. Plastic greenery may be an idea for singles and young couples with busy lifestyles outside of home.


For the sake of your sanity and bank account, do not invest in a decent outdoor setting if your new pup tends to chew or your young children like to have ‘picnics’ under the patio and on your outdoor table. Change things up with colourful seat cushions and add lifestyle appropriate items, such as water features, large ornaments, pet housing etc, that match your décor to portray flow in your outdoor space.

Safety Features

Gable Patio

An open flame pizza oven is great for young couples or families with older children, but a nightmare for families with little ones. Older adults might need hand rails and balustrading for peace of mind and stability and parents with young babies may choose to install safety fences to prevent toddlers wandering into the larger backyard. Safety features will change over time and should be checked regularly for faults to enable them to function efficiently.

Who can help me change my patio to suit my new lifestyle?

Does your patio need to be renovated or changed to suit your new family needs? CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Busselton offer a range of patio designs to suit all of your lifestyle changes. Ring them today on 08 9726 2311 for our Bunbury office or 08 9754 2657 for Busselton to get a free quote and get your patio growing with you.