Keep Your Patio Safe This Storm Season

RainThe winds and storms of South West winter have started to hit, signalling the time to assess your outdoor areas and clean up to prevent destruction. Powerful winds and heavy rain cause a large amount of damage in a short time and although your CPR Outdoor Centre patio is built to the highest standards for Australian conditions, precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of your family and the longevity of your favourite outdoor area.

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton manufacture and supply patios, carports, sheds and garages using Bluescope Steel and Colorbond products, so you know their structures are built to last. Some easy ways to protect your patio this storm season include:

  • Tie Things Down
  • Take Things Out
  • Look Up As Well As Around

Tie Things Down

Gable with lattice infillAnything big that can move around your yard and cause potential damage to your patio needs to be dissembled and put away, but if you don’t have time (or really want) to take your trampoline apart before a storm, make sure it’s tied down. Portable cubby houses, dog homes, garden stakes, yard ornaments and even fences all need to be assessed to see if they will become unstable, fly around and cause damage if the winds pick up.

Try to avoid tying big items to the structure of your home – the wind will cause movement and pressure against the supporting beam you’ve strapped it to and can ultimately cause damage to the foundations of your patio and even your house.

Take Things Out

Whilst the presence of your outdoor setting inside your home is not really convenient, desirable or even possible for some, moving as much of your outdoor belongings, such as pot plants, decorative furnishings, gardening equipment and toys, inside or into a shed or storage facility is the best idea. You may think they are sheltered under your patio, but if winds blow in a certain direction, they can cause a vacuum under the patio roof resulting in loose furnishings flying around near the glass windows of your home.

Look Up As Well Around

GableCheck for tree branches hanging too low that need to be pruned. These branches will inevitably snap off and damage your patio roof, its guttering or the structure itself and any dead limbs or branches lying around also need to be picked up with the general yard tidy up of loose items.

Before the winds really start, pop up on a ladder and check for existing damage that may get worse in high winds and heavy rain. Missing screws, lifted sheets of tin, loose gutters or rust can not only let the water into your patio, it can also decrease the integrity of the structure, leaving it prone to further harm.

Can CPR Outdoor Centre Assist Me To Get My Patio Winter Storm Ready?

With their extensive knowledge in design, manufacture, supply and installation of outdoor structures throughout the South West, CPR Outdoor Centre can assist you in ensuring your patio is safe and secure for the storm season. Call us on 9726 2311 (Bunbury) or 9754 2657 (Busselton) to speak with one of our friendly experts today.