Is Your Shed Full? 5 Tips to Declutter and Clean Your Shed

Shed by CPR Outdoor CentreA shed makes a versatile space for storage, in fact it is such a great storage space that before long it can be overflowing with a variety of items. From furniture to books to toys to Christmas decorations to gardening supplies, if your shed is full then it is time to declutter, clean and create space again. 

Is your shed full? Read on to learn some tried and tested tips to declutter and clean your shed including:

  • Separate all items into piles
  • Clean items you are keeping
  • Find a new home for items you are giving away
  • Give your shed a thorough clean
  • Re-organise your shed

Separate all items into piles

When clearing out your shed put each item into one 3 piles, keep, give away or throw away. Doing this will help to de clutter the space and saves you double handling items by clearing them out then sorting after. It’s important to all do our part to minimise waste so look at ways you can upcycle rather than simply throw away and remember one persons trash is another ones treasure. 

Clean items you are keeping

Clean the items you are keeping. Brush off any sand or cobwebs and if washable then wash the item too. If items have become discoloured or damaged while in the shed look for ways you can store them this time to prevent further damage. For example, chair covers are a great idea to prevent chairs being stored in your shed becoming dirty and dusty.

Find a new home for items you are giving away

Avoid leaving the items you are giving away piled in a corner and instead find them a new home straight away. Whether donating to charity or offering to family and friends arrange for these items to be collected as soon as possible so they don’t unwillingly make their way back into your shed.

Give your shed a thorough clean

Re-organise your shedWhile your shed is cleared, give it a thorough clean. Sweep the floor, clean up any spills and attempt to remove any stains. Remove cobwebs from above doors and in the corners. If your shed has windows, clean them too both inside and outside.

Re-organise your shed

Once your shed is clean, place the items you are keeping back in your shed. As you do so, try to organise your shed in a way that items will be easy to find and there is still ample room at the entry to allow you to access your shed. Group items together and look for storage solutions to help keep your shed free of clutter.

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