Is It Too Late to Order My Patio For Christmas?

Christmas treeNow until the end of September is a perfect time to ordering your patio so that your entertainment for the Christmas period is all organised and stress free.

When building your Patio there are a few things to consider so you get the most out of your space, for instance:

  • Where to Build?
  • What Size?
  • What kind of Patio?

The specialists at CPR Outdoor Centre are the experts when it comes to answering all these questions and more keeping you informed at every stage of the development.

Things to keep in mind with your construction could be:Spilt Dome Patio

  • Council Approval
  • Flooring
  • Custom Design
  • Colours

Council Approval

There are a range of approvals that will need to be sorted before the go ahead of the patio so allowing adequate time will stop any disappoints. Building permits, design compliance, water corporation and shire / council approval are just some of the areas for approval.


It is important when choosing flooring that it is going to be suitable for the living space and the traffic that will go onto the surface. Flooring also needs adequate time especially when choosing concreting, bricklaying or decking these all have a time period of completion.

Custom Design

Custom Designed PatioChoosing a specific design is important as certain features or style will give you the perfect living environment you can enjoy.


Having a variety of colours to choose from is important as you will want your patio to blend in with the rest of the features of home. There can be restrictions though in certain built up areas as some colours are not to be used, this will be a requirement from the Council in your location.

Who do you need to speak to about your Patio?

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton are your local manufacturers for all your Patio, Carports and Garages. For an obligation free quote contact Bunbury 9726 2311 or Busselton 9754 2657 today.