Is it possible to use your patio all year round?

gable (2)Patios get plenty of use when the weather is nice but when the leaves fall and the temperature drops, chances are, you instantly evacuate your outdoor space. When you’re craving for the outdoors in winter, what should you do? Or when you want to experience nature but the sun is too hot?

You can still continue to use your patio by creating a cosy and comfortable space. By this, you can make the most of your outdoor area all year round. Here’s how to better use your patio all year round.

Use splashes of colours

When designing your patio – using décor or adding furniture, always include lots of colour. Use colourful rugs, table clothes and pillows. You can also place pots of flowering plants – they can instantly brighten the darkest of corners.

Use blinds

You stay away from your patio because of the wind chill or the sun’s heat. Thankfully, you can combat it by installing patio blinds. They can block the wind from coming in and can be rolled up during a nice weather. They can also make any outdoor space lovelier and can make sitting outside more enjoyable!

Enhance your lighting

To make your space more relaxing and inviting, upgrade to several smaller fixtures instead of using a single bulb. That way, you can easily fix or adjust where the light shine, creating a spotlight to enhance a feature or more subtle mood lighting. This will make your patio attractive all year round.

Make these minor adjustments and make your patio the perfect place to hang out no matter the season!

Is it possible to use your patio all year round?

Yes it is. For your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We offer different kinds of well designed patios and do the installation too. We are your patio people. We’re here to help you. Call now for free quotes.