Is A Patio Better Than Having A Deck?


When it comes to choosing that wonderful outdoor space to enjoy your leisurely time, both patios and decks have great qualities. Areas and space can vary when it come to choosing a patio or a deck however you don’t need to restrict yourself to one or the other.

Decking works well for areas that are elevated, uneven or you are looking at gaining some height.  Both decking and patios will need to meet your council or shire’s requirements and be built to Australian Standards.

Should I build a Patio or Deck?

Both decks and patios are great and if you have the budget for both they are a great way to add value to your home and lifestyle. If you need to choose to only pick one the best option for you will depend on your needs. Patios are a roof over your head and deck can lift you off the ground.

Look at your situation and consider the following things:

  • Elevated Block
  • Weather Protection
  • Styles
  • Flooring

Elevated Block

CPR Patio

If a property is high off the ground, elevated at one end or uneven then a deck is the perfect way to extend your living space, bringing the outdoors in.

Weather Protection

If you live by the sea, have a north or western facing home a patios can provide a wonderful outdoor space that will protect your home from the elements and create a fabulous entertaining area.


Decks are stylish can add that extra touch or class to your home. When choosing your decking you have many options in either real wood or composite decking products; this gives you a large range with colours, weather and pest resistance plus warranty to suit your circumstances.

Patios roofs add an additional design element to your home and come in a choice of gable, dome, flat or hip end plus they can be used in combination to make something unique that will match your home perfectly.


Patio and Decking By CPR Outdoor Centre

Flooring choice for your patio can be wood or composite decking or solid flooring such as concrete, asphalt or pavers are all great options to compliment your patio design.

Is A Patio Better Than Having A Deck?

It is best to have a chat to the experts at CPR Outdoor Centre they have years of experience building both patios and decks will be able to show your different options that suit your needs. Call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311 or phone Busselton on 9754 2657 for a free onsite quote to discuss your requirement.