Is a Carport or Garage Best for Me?

CPR carportMost properties in Bunbury, Busselton and the South West are home to various vehicles including cars, caravans and trailers. While the main purpose of a carport or garage is usually to store vehicles, people are getting creative with utilising these spaces in other ways. Whether building a carport or garage, there is a large range of options available including design, size and colours.

Thinking of building a storage space for your vehicles? Read on to learn what to consider when choosing if a carport or a garage is best for you including:

  • What Will It Be Used for Long Term?
  • Location
  • Your Budget

What Will It Be Used for Long Term?

While the purpose of building a carport or garage may initially be to store vehicles, it’s important to think long term what the space will be used for. Your house may currently have 5 car drivers living in it now, but in a few years’ time that may reduce to 2 or 1.  A carport or garage provides a versatile space that can be used to host family and friends, an additional living space, a home gym or extra storage. As carports are generally open on one or all sides and garages are normally closed in and lockable, it’s important to consider what security you would like the space to have. 


The location you are wanting your carport or garage installed can be a deciding factor on which one is best for you. A garage can make a large backyard feel smaller once installed while a carport placed on the side of a house can make the house feel more open. The available space may determine if a one, two or multiple vehicle carport or garage can be built plus the ease of access to the indoors of your home should be considered.

Your Budget

Double garage by CPR Outdoor CentreThe deciding factor when determining if a carport or garage is best for you may be your budget. A carport can be built free standing or attached to your home. Building a garage is generally a larger project as it requires a concrete slab to be put down before installation can commence, increasing the time and labour required resulting in a higher cost.

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