Inspiration for Setting Up A Stylish Patio


A patio is a beautiful extension to a home and turning your entertainment space into a comfortable feel will give more options on enjoying the area so much more.

Working out how you and the family would like to use the area can also help in some decorating tips and ideas, colours can follow on from the indoors bringing them outdoors. Do you have young children who will need a special space for toys and play items? Will pets need be given a segmented area and then where to entertain when you and guests are having a social gathering.

Tips and Ideas on How to Decorate Your Space

  • Flooring
  • Decorations
  • Plants and Features
  • Protection from Elements


Dome patio with custom truss

Patio flooring can come in many looks, from concreting, bricks or decking and a lovely finish would be to add a floor rug or carpet piece for instance near seating giving a nice feel of the inside of the home coming to the outdoors.


There are some great pieces of art that can be hung or displayed to give the added wow factor to your patio, complimenting the space, keeping in mind that too much can overwhelm an area but a little here and there can be a nice touch to the colour scheme.

Plants and Features

Sounds of running, trickling water just puts you in a place of relaxation in a garden space, having a water feature amongst the plantation is a wonderful. What works great with garden spaces is you can go tropical having a beach setting theme, a Balinese with a Buddha statue or a Japanese theme with fish as a highlight, really it’s all up to the imagination.

Gable patios by CPR

 Protection from Elements

Depending on the design of your patio you may need to add blinds for blocking out the sun or wind or have a patio heater or another sources of heating element to make the area cosy and more comfortable.

Looking for individual style for your Patio?

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