What are the important things to consider when installing a garage?

Shed - 3 complete extTired of getting wet when you dash to your car on a rainy day? Dream of having extra space for storage purposes or a workshop? Whatever your reasons might be, getting a garage is a good addition to your home. However, before you can start your garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions.

  • Do you have enough space?
  • Attached or freestanding?
  • Access and traffic flow
  • Relationship to your house

Do you have enough space?

Sure, having a garage offers you several benefits such as providing your car with safe storage but is it physically feasible to have a garage? To ensure you are not violating any building codes, go to your local planning department and find out everything about garage building. How close you can build to the edge of your property and know the required garage size etc.

Attached or freestanding?

This is another decision to make – should you opt for an attached or freestanding garage? An attached garage will cost less and is more convenient. It will keep you dry and can easily serve as your home extension should you need a space for laundry or pantry. A freestanding garage is also an attractive option since it can keep exhaust fumes, dust and noise away from your home. Choose an option that will suit your needs and lifestyle the best.

Shed - McGuigan FrameAccess and traffic flow

If you’re adding a garage, it also means you need a driveway. Do you have enough space? A single car driveway should be at least 3 metres wide. At a minimum, you will need an area of 3 metres wide by about 3.5 metres deep for your car to properly make a turnaround.

Relationship to your house

A garage should look like an accessory to your home and not something that was just tacked onto your house that all you see. When building a garage, make sure to build it farther back from the street than the main entrance to make it look less dominant.

What are the important things to consider when installing a garage?

A garage is a good investment to your home – just make sure to get the most out of it by giving attention to these details. Need to build a garage? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your garage needs – we also build patios and carports. Ring us today and let’s discuss your garage.