I have an older home, can I add a patio without it looking like a sore thumb?

Tapered Flat PatioYes of course. The construction of a custom built patio onto an older home can bring a splash of modern to an old classic. With most new homes being built from bricks and concrete, patios are fast becoming standard with building packages, however the materials used and outlay of older homes pose some challenges when installing a patio that need to be considered.

When installing a patio in an older home, some things to think about include:

  • Blending Old With New
  • Wood Issues
  • House Flow

Blending Old with New

If your home is made from wood, then consider timber decking for your patio. If your home is an older brick style, you might like to experiment with bricks and pavers. A mix of renovations over the years might mean a steel/colourbond structure can fit right in or you may like to explore the more recent, environmentally friendly ideas available. You want your patio to blend into the existing house, so consider the materials already used to make sure your patio doesn’t stand out too obviously as an addition.

Flat Patio 2 walls MCU front externalWood Issues

When wet wood doesn’t dry straight away, wood rot starts to form. Building regulations require a small landing for external doors for safety, but this can sometimes be ineffective and result in excess water accumulating in door frames. Termites like to munch on old wood and weather elements can leave untreated wood rotten and cracked. Old, damaged boards, door frames and supports need to be inspected and replaced before adding more structures to your existing home.

House Flow

Older homes generally have the wet areas near the back of the home, which are not ideal for walkways into an inviting outdoor room. Keep in mind that some patios may need to be built on the side of the property to allow perfect flow from living areas, such as kitchen and lounge rooms rather than walking through a laundry to take beverages out to your BBQ. Floor coverings are also a consideration as smooth transition calls for similar materials from one floor surface to the next. Outdoor brick pavers or decking stepping onto carpet is not conducive to happy housekeeping.

Dome patioBlending Patios To Older Homes

Never fear, CPR Outdoor have been building patios for over 15 years and we will have a solution for you.

Adding a patio onto your existing home can not only create more space and update the look of an older structure, but it can also add value and appeal to your property. The team at CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton are always happy to assist you with any information regarding patios, sheds, carports and garages. Call them on 9726 2311 (Bunbury) or 9754 2657 (Busselton) for a free quote today.