How to Windproof a Patio Space

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As some patios are built as an extension to your home depending on what side of the house they are attached to, you might need to have added protection from the sun and wind at certain times of the day. Giving your patio some protection will make your patio space more enjoyable and this means you can spend more time enjoying your patio area.

There are quite a few options you can go with for wind proofing and this can also add extra appeal to the space too. If you are into DIY options, there are products on the market that can be cost effective but may not suit the style or fit to your patio so measuring the area is a good idea.

Options for Wind proofing

  • Plant Lattices or Large Pots
  • Canvas Awnings
  • PVC Blinds
  • Fixed Screens
  • Bamboo, Wood or Metal Panels

Plant Lattices or Large Pots


An economical way to offer some protection is grow vines or certain creeper plants on latticework. This makes for a lovely shaded area and if fragrant flowers are part of the plant the perfume will waft throughout your patio space. Large pots with palms give a great look and make a good decoration piece for tropical themes.

Canvas Awnings

Extremely tough and durable material, canvas awnings can be a great barrier from a windy patio area, costs and designs will vary.

PVC Blinds

Blinds can be installed professionally or often available as DIY to instal yourself. Clear PVC blinds till allows the view to be kept and can come with zips to connect the blinds to block out the weather elements completely.

Fixed Glass Screens

Great for a modern look, permanent structure and complete wind proofing that won’t affect your view.

Bamboo, Wood and Metal Panels

Panel or slats made from bamboo or wood are another way to provide protection from the elements and offers a great decoration piece under patio space.

Looking for A Great Patio Space?

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