How to Waterproof Your Patio This Winter!

Miller - Dome with rock wall interior-1Winter brings a rain and rain can cause a few issues if you are not prepared here in the South West. As lovely as the rain is on your roof, if you have drips and leaks are not great for the ambience when it comes to a functional and enjoyable outdoor space.

Water proofing your patio is simple and avoids all kinds of problems when it comes damaged caused by rain and water leakage in your patio and even your home. Pets can be dry and comfortable outside, plants can be protected and you can stop your outdoor furniture getting soggy or ruined by keeping the water on the roof or in the drains and not on the patio floor.

The best way to waterproof your patio includes:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Sealants
  • Elevations and Slope

Morris - Raised Gable furnishedRegular Maintenance

Its been said time and time again, but prevention is always better than cure and in the case of patios, regular maintenance is key for prevention. Maintaining drains, gutters and downpipes and ensuring they take the water out and away from the patio and the house prevent water from pooling and overflowing in places it cannot drain away from. Also remember to check where the patio meets the house roof for movement or gaps in the roof materials to avoid water dripping through so close to the house.


Commercial products are available for some patios that act as a barrier to repel dirt, oil and water. Basically a sealant designed for brick pavers and walls, these products are not 100% guaranteed but can repel water and debris which is beneficial in the act against excess water.

Other commercial products such as glues and plastic sealants that can be purchased as DIY solutions should only be used for small leaks in the roofing or gaps in the materials from small rocks, nails etc. A professional should always be consulted to repair larger damage on your patio.

Miller - Dome with rock wall exteriorElevations and Slope

When designing and building your patio, consideration should be taken for drainage as a priority. Be sure to dig to appropriate levels to keep the patio flooring at optimum levels for water runoff into drains and have your roof sloping downwards into the gutters. Always account for water levels appropriate for your local area.

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