How to Turn Your Shed into the Ultimate Man Cave?

Shed - 1 concrete and sheetingIf you’re looking for a private space you can call your own and turn into the ultimate man cave, a shed is your answer. Better still, a shed is multi-purpose, giving you and your family an open, enclosed space you can customise to suit your needs. While it may be used as the ultimate man cave this year, a shed can be turned into a teenager retreat, a home office or a home gym as your family’s needs change. 

Looking for ways to turn your shed into the ultimate man cave? Read on to learn some tried and tested tips including:

  • Plan the Layout
  • Secure your Shed
  • Have Power Installed
  • Ensure Adequate Heating and Cooling
  • Add Furniture and Finishing Touches

Plan the Layout

Shed FrameworkKnowing how you want your finished man cave to look is the first step in your shed’s transformation. Draw up a floor plan of where any furniture or equipment will be placed and measure the length, width and height of all these items to ensure a good fit. Make a list of any items that need to be purchased and any professional trades you will need to hire to complete the initial set up.

Secure your Shed

If your man cave will be home to expensive or sentimental items, it’s important to ensure it is secure. A simple lock on the shed door may suffice or you may wish to consider extra security such as having a lock with a key. If your shed is accessible via any gates on your property, it is a good idea to check these are secure too.

Have Power Installed

Depending on the intended use for your man cave, power will more than likely need to be installed. Consider what electrical appliances (plus lighting) you will require and enlist the services of a professional who will be familiar with wiring, electricity supply and system demands.  

Ensure Adequate Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Garage - Built to suit your needsTo ensure you can use your man cave through all seasons, ensure there is adequate heating, cooling and ventilation. Consider having windows installed to allow air to circulate freely and a small reverse cycle air-conditioner to keep your man cave warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Add Furniture and Finishing Touches

The final step in converting your shed into the ultimate man cave is to add furniture and any finishing touches. If you plan to host family and friends, ensure there is enough seating and personalise the space to make it your own including adding your favourite sporting team colours or posters that reflect your hobbies, interests or sayings.

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