How to Turn Your Shed into a Supreme Sports Fan Zone?

New shed by CPR Outdoor CentreWhile your favourite way to spend the weekend may be watching sport, it may not be an ideal past time for others in your household. Turning your shed into a supreme sports fan zone creates the perfect space you can relax, unwind and enjoy watching the fun and thrill of sport.

A shed is a multi-purpose addition to any home. While it may be used as a supreme sports fan zone now, its purpose can change in the years to come.

Read to learn how to turn your shed into a supreme sports fan zone including:

  • Large Screen TV or Projector
  • Drinks Counter
  • Flooring
  • Seating
  • Memorabilia

Large Screen TV or Projector

A sports fan zone isn’t complete without a large screen TV to watch all the sports action on. Install a TV in your shed and when it comes to ultimate viewing, the bigger the screen the better. You may even install a projector and projector screen to watch all the sports action.

Drinks Counter

Save multiple trips to and from your shed for refreshments and build a portable or permanent drinks counter in your shed. Add a bar fridge to keep your refreshments cold and a shelf to store your refreshments and glasses.


Shed - 1 concrete and sheetingAdd extra comfort and ambience to your shed by resurfacing the concrete floor in your shed with a cushioned alternative such as carpet, rubber, foam or carpeted tiles. When choosing which flooring is best think of a material that is durable and quick and easy to clean too.


Whether bar stools, couches or reclining chairs, no supreme sports fan zone is complete without seating. Bar stools can be placed at the drinks counter or around some high tables and add couches and reclining chairs directly in front of the TV screen for the best view of all the sports action.


Create the ambience and set the scene in your shed with sporting memorabilia. Have different items of memorabilia from the different sports you enjoy watching. Memorabilia can include posters, photos, ornaments, glasses and trophies.

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