How to Turn Your Garage into a Home Workshop

Double garage by CPR Outdoor CentreWhen thinking of a garage, our assumption is it being used as a space to store vehicles. However, this is not always the case. A garage can be used for many other purposes including the perfect space for a home workshop. 

Wanting to turn your garage into a home workshop? Here are some important points to consider:

  • Plan Your Layout
  • Restore the Flooring
  • Ensure Ample Storage and Shelving
  • Position Your Workbench

Plan Your Layout

Before purchasing items for your new workshop, a well thought out floor plan is essential. Make a list of all items you want to include in your workshop and when sourcing these items be sure to take measurements. Plan your layout ensuring everything will fit in the space, allowing plenty of room to freely move around too. Consider any modifications that may need to be made to the garage including installing windows to allow more natural light and better ventilation and extra lighting. If there are no power outlets in your garage, it’s likely these will need to be added so you can use electrical items like power tools. 

Garage by CPRRestore the Flooring

There are numerous ways to restore garage flooring to enhance it’s look. A high-pressure hose will remove any dirt and debris embedded into the garage floor. Oil spills are a common occurrence on garage flooring, but these can be hidden with a few coats of a dark floor coating. Large rubber mats are another great way to protect your floor plus hide stains and marks.

Ensure Ample Storage and Shelving

Practical storage and shelving are a must to ensure all tools and equipment have a place. Consider which items you will be using regularly and have these easily accessible. Some lockable storage cabinets are a great idea for storing any hazardous equipment or items. When choosing storage and shelving, keep in mind you may wish to change the layout in the future so aim for items that are light weight, but durable.

Garage - ShedPosition Your Workbench

Most workshops will have the work bench as a focal point. If this is the case for you, position the workbench first, then work around it when deciding on where to position other items including extra lighting, power points, storage and shelving. If you fancy yourself as a DIY pro, then building a workbench may be your very first project in your new workshop.

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