How to Turn My Shed into a Home Gym?

Shed - single doors x 2 perfect for a home gymRegular exercise is essentials for our health and well-being. With gyms and fitness centres closed, it’s important to find a way to keep exercising regularly while staying at home and protecting yours and the community’s health.

If you’re looking for a space in your home that you could turn into a home gym, a shed is ideal. While the space can be used now as a home gym, its purpose can be changed later.

Read on to learn a few ways to turn your shed into the ultimate home gym including: 

·         Install Flooring

·         Invest in Basic Equipment

·         Entertainment or Sound System

Install Flooring

Garage by CPR Outdoor, perfect for a home gymA hard-concrete floor won’t absorb the shock of high intensity moves meaning it may not be ideal for exercising. Resurface the hard-concrete floor in your shed with a cushioned alternative such as carpet, rubber, foam or carpeted tiles. When choosing which flooring is best think of a material that is durable and quick and easy to clean too.

Invest in Basic Equipment

A home gym doesn’t have to be fully equipped with all the latest high end and large equipment such as a treadmill and weight bench. To free up floor space, keep the area uncluttered by investing in smaller, basic equipment such as a yoga mat, hand weights, resistance bands and a boxing bag. If your shed is small, utilise storage options by using the walls of the shed for storing these items.  

Smart TV or Sound System

Most people will agree no workout is complete without your favourite playlist. Installing a smart TV in your shed allows you partake in online workouts in the comfort and safety of your home. A sound system is a great way to listen to your favourite tunes while working out too. Just remember your neighbours may not agree hearing your gym tunes booming through their backyard is a great way to start their day.

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