How to Set Up My Patio for an Outdoor Movie Night?

Evening cozy Outdoor Movie NightWhile many homes have theatre rooms or lounge rooms to watch movies, an outdoor movie night is sure to make your next movie night different and fun. Whether your favourite movie genre is comedy, thriller, action or drama there is hours of fun to be had by setting up your patio for a movie night with family or friends.

Read on to learn how to set up your patio for an outdoor movie night including:

  • Large Screen TV or Projector
  • Food and Drinks
  • Seating

Large Screen TV or Projector

A movie night isn’t complete without the essentials being a large screen TV to watch the movies. Install a TV in your shed and when it comes to ultimate viewing, the bigger the screen the better. You may even install a projector and projector screen to watch your favourite movies. These can be hired just for the night or installed as a more permanent fixture under your patio.

Food and Drinks

Save multiple trips to and from your main dwelling for food and drinks. Use a counter or table to store food and a bar fridge for drinks. If there is power to your patio, have a microwave on hand to make the popcorn. Depending on the season your movie night is being held, ice-cream makes a great treat for summer movie nights and hot chocolate and marshmallows are ideal for winter movie nights.


Set Up My Patio for a movie nightWhether large cushions, pillows, couches or chairs, no movie night is complete without seating. Depending on the weather you may need to have some rugs on hand too. When setting up your patio be sure to arrange the seating to be in front of the TV screen for the best view.

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