How to prevent mossies spoiling your outdoor party?

mosquito coilIt’s party – what better way to enjoy the school holidays than have a bbq in your patio. A constant swarm of mossies would wreck everything. Mosquitoes are not just blood suckers but also party spoilers. Female mosquitoes sip human blood to develop their fertile eggs. The male mosquitoes don’t bite but they fertilize eggs.

As the host of your party, it is best if you can prevent mossies as much as possible for the safety of your guests and yourself. Here are 5 tips you to do so that you all can enjoy the party:

  1. Use insect repellents. Bug spray helps you protect yourself from mosquito bites. Insect bites can cause lots diseases and you don’t want to get sick.
  2. Burn citronella candles. Citronella candles contain citronella oil which is great as an insect repellent. Citronella oil is considered a bio pesticide and non-toxic. Light up the candles; enjoy your bug-free party.
  3. Mosquito coils are another option. Be very careful with naked flames if you are expecting small children on pets.
  4. Use an electronic bug zapper. These type of bug zapper uses ultraviolet black light to entice light sensitive insects into the device killing them quickly. Buy an electronic bug zapper and you will be able to reduce the number of unwanted guests at your party.
  5. Reduce water around your home, especially still water that may be laying around. Any source of moisture will attract insects. Empty pot plant sauces regularly, dog water, buckets and children’s toys that can fill up with water. Mossie love to breed in still water.

How to prevent mossies spoiling your outdoor party?

Expecting crowd of people for your party? Leave the mosquitoes off the guest list. Research has shown that some things attract mossies more than others.

Colour  – wear lively coloured clothes, not the dark ones because they are mosquito enticements.

Fragrance – Fragrant perfumes and scents can also draw in mosquitoes. You will probably sweat at a party when you are participating in the games or are dancing. You will become yummy treat for a mossie or two. Just take a bath or shower before you go to the party, fresh sweat is not as attractive because it has not combined with bacteria.

You could try a citronella band or sticker. These products are made of citronella oil and can mask human scent making it harder for the mossie to find you.

Getting Hot – Body heat lures mosquitoes; outdoor parties are usually hot because of the warm weather and the crowd of people. Food can also make you hot; avoid spicy, fried, and fatty foods.

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