How to make your patio look good this autumn?

gable (11)Autumn is here and what better way to enjoy this lovely weather than spending time with your family, entertaining visitors, reading. Your patio is the ideal place to do these activities. Wait, your patio is looking a little drab, you need to first dress up a bit more before welcoming any visitors.

Renovating your patio doesn’t have to be time consuming, here are a five tips that are just as easy as a-b-c and you don’t have to break a leg to have the work done.

  1. Add plants. Green leaves are cool to the eye; add some plants to your patio area. Having plants indoors and outdoors is good for your health. Plants may just look like a pretty displays on the ground but they have a very important role – to help filter the air we breath. What is better than an artistic and life benefitting plants in your patio? Good health should never be out of style!
  1. Display new outdoor furniture. New set of furniture is like bringing you to a new world you never seen before! You could use dark and earthy colour in your patio for a perfect complementary to Autumn’s warm reflections. When winter comes add some colourful cushions or throws and you will have a whole new look all over again.
  1. Use lighting. Bright lights will help enhance the beauty of your newly decorated patio. Light up your patio at night and be amazed in the splendid atmosphere that is created for everybody to enjoy. Use citronella tea lights to help reduce the unwanted flying pests.
  1. Expose water features. Having a water feature in the midst of your patio has such a calming effect. Watching a water feature attracts anyone to stay longer and enjoy the peaceful ambiance it conveys. Water feature have been used in Japanese gardens for a very long time to create a gorgeous peaceful place so why not borrow the idea to use at your place?
  1. Reduce mosquitoes. According to Lyric Bartholomay (an assistant professor at Iowa State University who tracks mosquitoes), “mosquitoes that tolerate the dry and cooler Autumn weather tend to be the mosquitoes that transmit disease”, just like our very own Ross River virus. Mosquitoes are fond of staying in the dark, so switch on the lights to shoo away these blood suckers. For a safety precaution, always keep your area dry, not only because it is dangerous to walk on slippery wet floors but also because water is one of the mosquito’s great pleasures. Be cautious, prevention is better than cure.

 If your patio has seen better days, call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and Busselton for a free measure and quote to have your old patio replaced.