How to make your patio appear larger?

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Do you have a small patio space?

Worried that your patio would look too small, that it will create an uninviting feel towards your guests or even yourself? Your patio, no matter what its size, deserves your attention. With the right tools and proper planning, you can get the most out of your space!

Small patio – no problem!

The idea of having a patio is to create an outdoor space where you can enjoy and relax. It can be small or large – it doesn’t matter at all. However, if you feel that having a larger patio can make your outdoor space more livable, here are a few tricks you could try:

  • Avoid using glaring colours
  • Keep your fences low
  • Create an illusion of bigger space
  • Use Mirrors

Avoid using glaring colours

Gable patio

You might want to incorporate colours into your patio. A couple of bright rugs and warm tone furniture may look great, but it can make your patio appear smaller. If your patio is small, try using neutral or light coloured items. It can make your patio look less cluttered and more organised.

Keep your fences low

This will carry the eye beyond the property line – creating an illusion that your patio looks larger than it is.Are you worried about your security with a low fence? No worries, you can always install patio lighting to ward off any unwanted guests at your home at night.

Create an illusion of bigger space

You can’t extend your patio anymore, so the solution to make it bigger is to create an illusion of it. You can leave the door open to create an unconfined feeling. Create variety with new levels, raised planters and steps that can lead the eyes upward. It can increase the illusion of space, therefore making your patio appear larger.

Use mirrors


Use mirrors to bring in the borrowed landscape from further down your garden, the neighbouring areas of repeat your own patio area. By removing the exact edges your patio will look and feel larger.

How to make your patio appear larger?

Your patio can be a great space to relax and enjoy with family and friends, no matter what the size. Small can be cosy and intimate. If you need to upgrade or are still not happy with your current patio, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio needs. We offer installation services that include patios, garages and carports. Ring us today for a free quote. Call our Bunbury office on 9726 2311 or phone Busselton on 9754 2657 and speak to the professionals.