How to Keep Warm Under Your Patio During Winter in the South West

Patio blindsOne of the many benefits of a patio is it can be enjoyed all year around. However, as the cold weather settles in throughout Bunbury and the South West, it is great to know ways to keep you and your family cosy and warm under your patio during winter. 

Read on to learn three ways to keep you and your family warm and cosy, even during the coldest winter days and nights, under your patio including:

  • Install Patio Blinds
  • Blankets
  • Outdoor Heating

Install Patio Blinds

Patio Blinds are a wonderful asset to your patio to provide weather protection. Patio blinds which are also called café blinds, can turn your exposed patio into a beautiful outdoor room that will help keep you and your family warm. Patio blinds can be manual or automatic making them easy to operate, are adjustable in height allowing you to adjust their height based on the weather conditions plus come in a wide range of high fabric quality options.


Ambience can be created under a patio by using throw rugs and cushions to create texture and a warm look and feel. However, these can also be put to good use to keep warm under your patio too. Invest in some warm blankets and doona’s or get creative and learn a new skill by making your own. It’s important to also dress weather appropriate with socks, beanies and thermals a great way to add extra body warmth.

Outdoor Heating

Dome patio with custom trussWhen it comes to outdoor heating, there are both portable and permanent options available including fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor heaters. You may think one small fire pit or outdoor heater won’t make a difference however you will be surprised at how well some make and models can heat small areas. If your patio has a ceiling fan or portable fan, these can often be put to good use during winter to circulate warm air through your patio too.

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for solutions to keep your patio warm during winter

If you are looking for a solution to keep your home warm in winter (and cool in summer) CPR Outdoor Centre manufacture and install outdoor patio blinds in Bunbury, Busselton and the South West. Using high quality material and a large range of colour options available, we can customise blinds to suit your home.

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