How to Create More Space in Your Shed?

Shed - Margaret River Sheeting and RoofA shed provides a great storage area for both indoor and outdoor items. Free up space inside your home or protect items from the weather, by storing them inside your shed. As a shed is often used for storage, as more and more items are placed inside your shed, before long, it may also be brimming and short of space.

A few simple organisation and storage solutions can free up valuable space in your shed. Read below to learn 3 ways to create more space in your shed including:

  • Shelving
  • Wardrobes and Cupboards
  • Portable Storage


Shelving is not only a great storage solution, but it can free up floor space in your shed too. Shelving options include permanent fixtures fitted to the walls or free-standing shelving that can be moved around. Upcycle items that can be used as shelving or use your creativity and DIY skills to create your own shelves from items such as wood, copper, old drawers, crates and boxes.

Wardrobes and Cupboards

Using wardrobes and cupboards in your shed is a great way to create extra storage by taking up minimal space. Upcycle wardrobes and cupboards no longer used inside your home in your shed. Wardrobes and cupboards can be used to store those items in your shed that you don’t want to get dusty or dirty too. Label the doors of wardrobes and draws of cupboards with the contents being stored inside, then you will know at a quick glance what’s inside.

Portable Storage

Extra storage for your shedVarying sizes of tubs, buckets and baskets are a great portable storage solution for your shed. Lightweight tubs, buckets and baskets are cost effective to buy and can easily be moved from indoors to outdoors plus moved around your shed to accommodate the layout. Group items together such as gardening tools and supplies together, summer items together and children’s toys and games together.

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