How to Clean Your Outdoor Area?

patio by CPRPopular outdoor areas adjoining homes in Bunbury and the South West can include a patio, deck, carport, shed or garage. Whether these areas of your home are used for storage, recreation, or dining, it is important they are cleaned regularly plus given a thorough ‘spring clean’ as the seasons change. Keeping your outdoor area clean and tidy will maximise the space available, allowing you to use the space to its full advantage.

Wanting to clean your outdoor area but unsure where to start? Read on to learn some useful outdoor area cleaning tips including:

  • Remove clutter
  • Clean furniture
  • Sweep Away Debris
  • Organise storage

Remove Clutter

Cleaning your outdoor area is a good reason to declutter the space. To declutter effectively, you need to know exactly what is in there so it’s a good idea to take all the items out. Remove anything that doesn’t belong or is broken and recycle or donate unwanted items. It can be hard to let go of some things however to effectively remove clutter and clean a space it’s important to let those items you no longer use or need go.

Clean Furniture

Morris - Raised Gable furnishedFurniture items in outdoor areas can include chairs, tables, bars, couches, benches and cabinets. Before cleaning furniture, it’s important to know what material the furniture is made from. This ensures it’s cleaned in the safest and most effective way. Some items may only need a simple sweep, wash or wipe while other items, such as those made of wood, may need to be polished. If your outdoor areas furniture is kept clean and maintained, it can continue to be used for years to come.

Sweep away debris

Leaves, dirt, sand and cobwebs can all accumulate in outdoor spaces. A simple sweep with a broom may be all that is needed however depending on the type of flooring a high-pressure hose is a great way to remove dirt and debris. If the flooring is stained, products can be purchased and used to remove stubborn stains. If using products, it’s important to ensure you follow the specific products instructions regarding dilution, application and safety correctly.

Organise storage

Dome - 1 RaisedCleaning your outdoor area is a great reason to assess its functionality too. Is there adequate storage? Do you need more shelving? Are the items you use regularly easy to access? Cleaning your shed is the perfect chance to re-organise your storage. If you are unsure where to get started, begin with creating separate spaces within the area. Group items together and label them if necessary, so you can find them easily when needed.

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