How to Build A Shed on A Slope?

Land comes in a vast range of dimensions from flat to hillsides and when building properties with that magical view, you might need to also think about where to build a future workshop or shed. This should be an added feature that compliments the home or building too.

There are some different processes that have to be done for the foundations to secure the structure. Prepare yourself by asking the right questions and seek advice from a professional builder or engineer and when getting your shed installed by a leading shed designer who will ensure that all the fundamental processes are in place before the build is to be done.

What to Consider Beforehand

  • Size and use of Shed
  • Council & Building Approvals
  • Entry and Exit Doors
  • How to access around the perimeter

Size and Use of Shed

Giving thought to what the intended use for the shed could be will be beneficial for knowing the best access points, size doors and height factors especially if storing boats, caravans or big items and being able to easily bring the items in and out of the shed easy enough.

Council & Building Approvals

Permits and approvals should always be looked at first so that if certain requirements need to be put in place your design can be easily adjusted. Different areas have height restrictions by council regulations so getting all the information right the first time won’t hinder the building process.

Entry and Exit Doors

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Access points should be as level as possible and this will come down to the structure of the build, support with retaining walls and decking so discussing this with your professional installer in the designing stage is paramount.

How to Access Around the Perimeter

Having access around the whole perimeter of the shed is important for maintenance, although if a retaining wall has been fixed to part of the shed this will block part of the shed access, this too is something that will need to be discussed further with the professional shed installer.

Build Right the First Time for The Long Time

When it comes to all your shed needs, CPR Outdoor Centre are the professionals in the industry, making building your shed easy, from organising permits and a complete service throughout so you don’t have to lift a finger. Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for a free quote today! Call Bunbury office at 9726 2311 or Busselton at 9754 2657.