How to Add More Colour to my Patio Area?

A patio is a versatile space that can be used for endless possibilities. While your patio is an extension of your home, many homeowners choose to give their patio its own unique style and flare. One way to do this is by adding colour. Whether adding one or multiple colours, you will be surprised at how much a pop of colour can change the aesthetics of your patio area.

Looking at your patio and pondering how you can add some colour? Read on to learn 3 ways including:

  • Colourful Furnishings
  • Change the Flooring
  • Add Plants and Flowers

Colourful Furnishings

The traditional colour of furniture and furnishings may be wooden, black or white however coloured furniture is becoming more and more on trend. Add colour to your patio by upcycling existing furniture by painting it or changing the cushions on a couch or a chair to be coloured. Scatter cushions are available in many different colours, textures and prints and are a stylish way to add colour to couches or seats. If you use your patio for dining, a colourful table runner and colourful crockery and cutlery can add a further splash of colour.

Change the Flooring

If your patio has concrete flooring, consider painting the flooring a different colour. You will be surprised the difference when painting a dark concrete floor to a lighter colour or vice versa. If you are looking for a less permanent way to change the flooring colour, consider using mats. Colourful mats placed in different areas of your patio, such as near seating or at the entry and exit, can be just the pop of colour your patio needs.

Add Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are not only lovely to admire, but are a wonderful way to add colour to an area. Speak to your local garden centres regarding types of flowers in your chosen colour scheme or adding non flowering plants is a great way to add greenery. Whether plants and flowers in pots, a vertical garden or a flower wall, these can add the finishing touch to add colour that your patio needs.

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