How to add a Christmas feel to your patio?

christmas wreathWith Australia’s fabulous weather, we love celebrating Christmas out under the patio. It’s almost the holiday season so get your patio all ready for a Christmas party! You’ll be thrilled to know there are several easy ways to make your patio look and feel like Christmas.

Hang up a wreath

Who says you need to hang a wreath only on doors? Wreaths are lovely on front doors but you can also make a statement piece by hanging them in your patio. A wreath is a good start to your festive backdrop as you drink, eat and party the night away! Add some tinsel and other decorations to complete the festive look.

Light the way!

Encourage your guests to take a stroll into your backyard before the party begins by putting out enough lights. You can be creative with this – use lights of different styles to add effect by featuring different parts of your garden.You can also use special lights to attract mossies and other insects away from your patio area.

Things are looking up

Hang candlelit lanterns. This can create a magical atmosphere, just perfect for the holiday season. You can also hang lightweight ornaments to create the perfect mood – just make sure your lanterns is strong enough to carry your ornament plus high enough to be out of the way. Use citronella candles as a mossie deterrent.

Flower decoration

What better way to create a centerpiece for an alfresco table setting than by having fresh flowers? Its summer and flowers are in full bloom – decorate your flower nicely and you are good to go. You can also use potted flowers like poinsettias for a real splash of colour.

How to add a Christmas feel to your patio?

Decorating your patio for Christmas doesn’t have to be hard. Have some fun and use the same type of decorations as you would use inside plus add some light and outdoor colour to your patio. Your patio will be the best place to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

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