How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shed?

CostAre you looking to build a shed on your property but are a bit concerned about the costs involved? Are you desperate for some extra storage space, a man’s cave for all your tools, somewhere to park the new caravan or just a garden shed to get your equipment off the patio and protected in a space of its’ own, but have no idea what kind of budget you need to set? CPR Outdoor Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton can help you achieve the shed of your dreams without financial stress or blowing the budget.

Your shed can be a basic structure or a custom designed masterpiece, restricted only by your own imagination. CPR Outdoor understands costs are a factor in designing, manufacturing and installing your new shed and pride themselves on being the go-to company in the South West for high quality sheds made from Bluescope Steel and Colorbond products at affordable prices.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Size
  • Location
  • Style


Temple Half SheetedThe cost of your shed is based on its’ design, size and location. Obviously bigger, more complex designs will be more expensive than smaller, basic sheds due to the need for more materials as well as extra features for bigger constructions. Larger sheds, for example, built to house vehicles, operate as a workshop or store household items will often need to be lined and insulated, as well as ventilation installed and roller doors and security measures taken, which are predominantly more expensive than the construction of a simple garden shed.


The location of your shed is often a factor as well, as a concrete pad will be required and if it is in a tricky location or significant earth works are required, this will impact the cost. Permits and shire paperwork will be required for most structures (this service is provided with CPR’s range of fully installed sheds) and these can affect the materials and dimensions you are permitted to use.


Design and style is another cost factor. A complex style and large size can mean your shed may take longer to build, resulting in extra labour costs.

How Much Will It Cost To Build My Shed?

CPR Outdoor Centre supply cost effective products from DIY installation shed kits right through to full supply and install and are the outdoor specialists when it comes to sheds in the South West. For a free quote, call the Bunbury team on 9726 2311 or in Busselton on 9754 2657 to discuss all your shed dreams today.