How Much Does It Cost for A Man Cave?

Shed by CPR

A man cave is quite a generic name for that extra getaway from the home. Depending on the purpose for the “Man Cave” it is a good idea to make a general plan of what items you would like setup in the cave and or the purpose of using the cave. Would the space be for a bar games area, theatre room, kids toy room area or generally another purpose, half games room/storage room.

A “man cave” is to the imagination of the individual, so there is no wrong or right to how you decorate the space.

Choosing the right shed for your “Man Cave”

  • Placement of the Shed
  • Blending to Housing Features
  • Budget
  • Foundations

Placement of the Shed

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Where your shed is placed will depend on the size of the backyard space. Your local council or shire may also have regulations on what size, place and construction your shed can be. Access areas to the shed too play an important role as do a door, windows and toilets facilities, especially if the shed is a fair distance from the home itself. Any plumbing works also need to be taken into consideration.

Blending to Housing Features

If the shed is an additional feature to your backyard space you would like it to blend in with other structures as closely as possible. If you are building on a larger block or acreage this will not be as important.


Size does make a difference to the cost and when adding other items to your shed space such as shelving, furniture and the likes this will all add up. Setup a budget to follow to help keep things on track.


New shed

Where you might be placing your shed could need extra support, sand for fill or leveling especially if you are building on a slope. Consideration needs to be taken into account if your man cave is going to double as a workshop, will you need reinforced concrete too?

When you want that extra space for your “Man Cave”

CPR Outdoor Centre have a great range of colours and styles for your “Man Cave”, lots of shed options for you to choose from. Contact the team at CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657.