How Long Does It Takes to Build a Garage?

CPR garageA garage is an enclosed, sheltered, secure space that makes a great investment homes throughout the South West. When building a garage, one of the most common questions asked is How long will it take to build? It’s important to remember it’s not only the time it takes to install the garage that should be considered. There are several steps involved in the planning and preparation, such as council approvals, plus unforeseen delays, such as the weather.

Read on to learn what questions to consider when determining a time frame to build a garage including:

  • What size is the garage?
  • Where will the garage be located?
  • Are additional fixtures being installed?

What size is the garage?

The size of the garage is probably the biggest deciding factor when estimating a timeframe for it to be built. With most garages main purpose being to shelter vehicles, a garage big enough to store 2 vehicles is the most popular size. It is not only the width and length of the garage that should be considered when estimating building times, but the height of the garage too. When choosing the best size garage, it is important to consider the proportions of your garage in relation to your home. If you have a large block and plenty of room, consider building a garage bigger than you need now so it can be utilised for other purposes in the future.

Where will the garage be located?

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreWhen determining the location to build your garage it is not only the purpose you have to consider, but also privacy, access and proximity to other areas of your home. Existing trees, paths or fixtures and fittings may need to be removed before building a garage can begin. These important factors must be considered as they contribute to the time frame when determining how long it will take to build a garage.

Are additional fixtures being installed?

When determining how long it will take to build a garage, you must also make allowance for any additions you wish to add. Permanent fittings and fixture such as windows, lighting, cabinetry, storage or plumbing may need to be installed which adds to the build time and relies on other trades to complete.

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