How long does it take to install my carport?

Free standing Patio - hip roofCarport can provide you with the security and privacy that you need. In a reasonable working day generally most carports can be installed be  installed in most areas. However, there are some factors that affect how long the building progress of carport will take.

  1. Size
  2. Location
  3. Weather
  4. Council permit
  5. Deposit paid


Standard carport size can be assembled installed in a day. Depending on the size of the carport that you require, the building process can be longer. For larger projects it can take longer.


Delivery time will vary depending on the time of year you order your carport generally 4-8 weeks from the time you made your order. Your location can also have a bearing on how long the carport will take. What ground works are needed, fill or leveling, etc.


The season and the weather can plan a part in the length of time your carport takes especially if you get delayed by rain or harsh weather.

Council permit

Different councils can take different amounts of time to process your building permit. CPR Outdoor Centre is your reputable partners in getting your permit proceeded as quickly as possible before installation. We can do everything for you from the  engineering drawings, paperwork that will be required for the submission.

Deposit paid

Your deposit must be paid before we can order your job. The amount your will need to pay for your deposit will be on your quote. You can pay it with a credit card or bank deposit.

How long does it take to install my carport?

As you can see it depends, at CPR we specialize  in custom-built carport and will give you the exact timeframe when you get a quote from us. We pride ourselves on our professional, high quality service that suits your style and budget needs.

For quality carport solutions, contact CPR Outdoor Centre to provide you outstanding results. Ring us to get a free quote on all your carport needs.