How Long Does It Take To Get A Shed Installed?

Shed - Harvey - 1 Partial CompleteYou’ve made the decision to install a shed on your property; how exciting. A shed can not only add significant value to your home, but provide space for recreational vehicles, storage space, work space and even provide extra living space. But like everything in today’s society, the best quality products take time. A quick DIY slap up job will not give you the same peace of mind (or insurance compliance) that a quality designed, manufactured, supplied and built shed from CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton will.

Sheds from CPR Outdoor Centre are manufactured from the highest grade Bluescope Steel and finished in premium quality Colorbond® products. Meeting the strictest of Australian Standards, CPR Outdoor Centre sheds are a guarantee of quality and design.

But how long will it take for your shed to be built? There are a number of factors:

  • Seasonal variations
  • Permits and approvals
  • Design and construction

ShedSeasonal Variations

Realistically speaking, a minimum of 3 months is required; more if we are approaching the end of year and the summer seasons. CPR Outdoor also design, supply and install patios, which become popular as the sunny weather increases and entertaining season comes around. Alternatively, some construction can be delayed due to inclement weather in the stormy winter months. CPR Outdoor Centre endeavour to manufacture and build your shed as soon as possible, however sometimes, these seasonal factors can affect timelines.

Permits and Approvals

Do you live in an area that is notorious for taking a while to get permits and approvals from local council? Have you chosen a unique design that may need special consideration? CPR Outdoor Centre tradesmen cannot install any structure without confirmed shire approval and building permits – which we will organise for you – however sometimes, through no fault of our own, this process is held up by third parties.

Design and Construction

Shed GreyHave you chosen the beast of all sheds? Or is your shed being installed in a tricky location? Maybe you need ‘extras’ in your design or the actual install will be challenging. These issues also affect timelines, such as time to build a bigger, more complicated structure or to a access difficult locations.

Who Can Help Me Build A Shed in Bunbury and Busselton?

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton strive to provide the highest quality products to our customers in the most efficient time frame possible. Our sheds, patios, garages and carports are manufactured and built to premium standards, resulting in time frames allowing us to bring you the very best in value and workmanship.

For more information, call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311 or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton on 9754 2657 today for a free quote.