How long does it take to build a Deck?

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Whether you are looking for a place to relax and soak up the afternoon sun or an area to share a drink and catch up with friends, a deck can be customised to provide the perfect space to suit your lifestyle. With an abundance of colour, size, design and material options available, a deck can be a perfect addition to your home and enjoyed all year round.

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners when considering a deck is the time it will take to build. Things to consider when determining how long it will take to build a deck?

  • The Size of The Deck That Is Being Built
  • Types of Materials Being Used to Build the Deck
  • How Complicated It Will Be to Build the Deck
  • The Location of The Deck That Is Being Built

The Size of The Deck That Is Being Built

When deciding what size deck to build, it’s important to keep in mind the proportions of the house or area the deck is being built adjacent to. A deck that is not in proportion in comparison to your home may look out of place or provide an unwanted eye sore to potential buyers in the future.

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Before choosing a size you must know what the main purpose of your deck will be. If your deck is going to be used for entertaining you will need to consider the number of guests you plan on accommodating and any furniture or appliances that will be placed on the deck too. In contrast if your decks purpose is to provide a private and relaxing space for you to read a book then a smaller sized deck with minimal furniture will be needed.

While the height of your deck is often determined by the door that will be used to gain access, generally a deck will be wider than it is deep with the longest edge running against your home. Decks have the option of being single level or larger decks have the option of being multi-level giving you even more space.

Types of materials being used to build the deck

The materials you choose to build your deck not only determine the time it will take to build but also its longevity.


Common decking materials like tropical hardwoods are a popular option as they can last 30 to 50 years even in harsh environments. While the quality and longevity is a positive, hardwood is dense so often requires special tools and additional labour to install. Cedar or redwood can be a great option for people wanting a wooden deck as they are lower in price than tropical hardwoods, but can still last between 15 to 20 years.

Composite Decking – Trex Decking


Trex compositedecking is a popular option when building a deck as it is available in a variety of colours and textures so can be customised to suit your own style. This material can give you the look of a tropical hardwood without the cost or ongoing maintenance.

How complicated it will be to build the deck

When considering a time frame to build a deck, you must also make allowance for any additions to the deck you wish to add. Many decks have railing as a safety feature or design element to enhance the appearance. You may want built in storage, steps or permanent fittings and fixtures like a kitchen, fire pit or even a spa bath. While these additions are no doubt aesthetically pleasing they can add to the timeframe required to build your deck.

Weather can cause unintentional complications and delays when building a deck. Wood swells with added moisture during the cold months of winter and contracts as it dries out during the heat of summer. These factors must be considered when building a deck and can often cause additional checks be made or additional materials be used in the building process which can in return effect the time it takes to build.

The Location of the Deck that is being built


When selecting the ideal location for your deck it is important to once again take into consideration the purpose of your deck. A deck being used to entertain will often be located adjacent to the kitchen while a deck being used to create more space may be built adjacent to the main living area. 

When determining the location to build your deck it is not only the purpose you have to consider, but also privacy, access and proximity to other areas of your home plus weather conditions as the seasons change.

While the location and available access to this area are important, often existing trees, paths or fixtures and fittings need to be removed before building a deck can commence. These important factors must also be considered when determining how long it will take to build a deck.

How long does it take to build a Deck?

The build time for your deck will depend on what you use to build it, how big the deck is, whether you are building on a slope and more. The best way to get an accurate timeframe for your deck build is too get a quote on your exact requirements.

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